African American Internet Marketing


We welcome all companies who are interested in targeting the African American market or who need an African American based company to team up with to increase business opportunities.  We have currently worked with clients who already had a presence on the web but were interested in marketing their site to an African American audience.  Same information, same goal (to increase sales)but with an afro-centric appeal.


"Nonetheless, for the past year, internet usage by blacks has been growing more quickly than the overall U.S. adaption rate (which has admittedly slowed), according to Nielsen//NetRatings research."

MoDomains is very familiar with the African American market.  Although we provide services for all individuals and businesses, we do so in a way to foster awareness and appreciation for the urban community.  The African American market is diverse within itself, therefore depending on your products and/or services, you will need to know the best approach for the various markets within the African American community.  For example, will you be serving the hip-hoppers, the church enthusiasts, the black studies scholar, the business professional, or the baller/shot callers?  Your approach might be different for each type.

African Americans makeup 13% of the United States population but spend between $550 and $600 billion dollars a year! African Americans spend $2 out of every $3 spent by "minorities" in this country.  With this information and more that we have gathered regarding the African American market, MoDomains provides our clients with diverse talent, skills, creativity and organizations that are shaping the new America.

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