About Us


MoDomains is a company dedicated to providing domain name registrations and management.  Additionally, we strive to offer top-notch hosting services at an affordable price. 


MoDomains is a firm ready and dedicated to assisting companies in marketing to the African American and the Hispanic markets.  We strive for excellence,  help to educate and provide products and services that can help businesses target these billion dollar niche markets.  Our greatest function is to increase the opportunities to showcase cultural diversity in a forum that can be appreciated by everyone!

MoDomains is based in Kansas City, Missouri with an office in Columbia, Missouri and is dedicated to meeting the needs of businesses or individuals around the globe.

We were founded in 2000 by Kimberly Kimbrough.  Ms. Kimbrough served as a Coordinator of Meetings for the Missouri Association of Realtors.  Soon after, she was hired as the Convention Sales Manager for the Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau (Columbia, Missouri).  She served as the Chairperson for the Missouri Division of Tourism's Multicultural Committee, in addition to various positions with both the city of Columbia and the state of Missouri.  She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Management from William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri.  Technology has always been an interest of hers.  Given her extensive background in sales, marketing, creative design, event planning, and multicultural marketing, Ms. Kimbrough has helped to catapult her company and websites to a status of respect.  MoDomains is considered a premier Internet company.

We also believe in the importance of educating Internet users in order to help foster awareness for the need of Internet marketing.  

Subcontractors or Independent Contractors needed!  Information is available to anyone interested in partnering with MoDomains.  We strongly believe in Cooperative Economics.  If you are an individual or business and would like to be included in our databank of subcontractors, please contact us. 


  Call us at 816-214-6494 or send an e-mail to sales@modomains.com and let us help you with online advertising and web design needs.  

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